How to set up a "project folder blueprint"

Let’s say you have a certain way you set up your project folders, and you want a “project blueprint” so you don’t have to manually create that particular folder structure again and again.


  1. Built-in Ask for Input action: It prompts you for the project name.
  2. Built-in Text action containing your vault name.
  3. Built-in Set Variable action for storing your vault name in the variable “Vault name”
  4. Create Folder action creates first project folder.
  5. Create Folder action creates another nested set of project folders.
  6. Built-in Text action containing your project note body.
  7. And a final Create Note action for creating the note using the note body.

This is just an example, obviously, and you’ll likely want to use a note template in (7). Go nuts!


When prompted (see action (1), above), I’ve entered “ActionsDotWork example”.

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Thanks for another great example. I was thinking about creating a “project blueprint” shortcut, and this got me started. Of course, I will experiment and extend this further. For example, I will probably also want to create an OmniFocus project and establish bi-directional links between them.

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