Notes for Calendar Events

What This Workflow Does

  1. Fetches a list of all events for today from a single calendar.
  2. For each event in this list, a new related note will be created in Obsidian, in a folder named “Meeting Notes”, containing key details.
  3. The link to the Obsidian note will be appended to its related event.
  4. All new notes will be appended to the current Daily Note.

Please note:[1] The workflow assumes there’s a current daily note.


Download Notes for Calendar Events.shortcut workflow. Double-click the downloaded file to install the workflow in Apple Shortcuts.


  • Actions for Obsidian
  • Apple Calendar
  • Obsidian

Workflow Screenshot

Workflow history / Change log


Fixes the mystery of the silently failing “If” block for calendar entries with an empty Notes attribute. Thanks to TK for the heads-up!


Updated the downloadable workflow with a correctly Apple-signed version. Same workflow, just installable now. Sorry for the hiccup!


First version.

  1. Pun not intented. ↩︎