About the Obsidian Plugins category

In this category go all posts related to my open-source Obsidian plugins. They’re available as Community Plugins.

Actions URI

Actions URI adds new x-callback-url endpoints to Obsidian so that external sources can better interact with an Obsidian instance by making GET requests to a obsidian://actions-uri/* URL.

All new routes support x-success and x-error parameters as a way of communicating back to the sender. It’s a clean, somewhat super-charged addition to Obsidian’s own URI scheme.

It’s also the companion plugin to Actions for Obsidian for macOS/iOS.

Blockquote Levels

Blockquote Levels adds commands for increasing/decreasing the blockquote level of the current line or selection(s).

Copy Search URL

Copy Search URL adds a menu entry to its search view for copying the Obsidian search URL.


Logstravaganza proxies console.*() calls and copies log messages and uncaught exceptions to a note.


Mononote ensures each note occupies only one tab. If a note is already open, its existing tab will be focussed instead of opening the same file in the current tab.