Action URI, daily note, under the heading - Help

I’m trying to append my Notes in Draft using
Append to Obsidian Daily Note action. But I’m using Action URI instead of Advanced URI.

When i run the action i’m opening the right obsidian note but the data/content is not adding to the Obsidian note under the heading (## Journal Entry). What am i doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.



Welcome to the forum, @jack! Advanced URI and Actions URI differ wildly in their URL structure. Basically, the URL you’ve pasted is not a valid Actions URI route.

I think what you’re looking for is this /daily-note/append URL:


Just for explaining what it does, here is the slightly reformatted version:


I think the first two parameters are self-explanatory. below-headline= names the headline to look for, and ensure-newline=1 says “Make sure the insert ends with a line break” (if the text you want to add does not already end in a line break, one is added) — you can leave that one out if you don’t need it.

And here is the documentation page for that route.

Hope this helps!

That works—I included ‘create-if-not-found’ since I typically don’t create the page in Obsidian beforehand. However, the data is appending at the end of the page, which makes me suspect I might have used the wrong URI. I’m curious if there’s a specific order for the parameters that should be followed.


Thanks for the help.

The & characters are necessary delimiters, marking the boundaries between the single parameters; omitting them means mashing together everything, and that seldom works out. :wink: Your URL was missing one, and therefore didn’t fully work.

This should do it:


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@czottmann, works thanks