Actions don't appear in the Shortcut app

Hi, and thanks for the app!

I feel quite dumb asking such question, but here it is:
I linked my vault to the AfO app (via the plugin), now the AfO app suggests me to go see available actions in the shortcut app. Yet, when I open Shortcuts, there is nothing by AfO. Just in case, I have 14th iPhone and the latest macos
What do I do wrong? I’ve already rebooted the phone\reinstalled the AfO app\reconnected the vault. It didn’t help. The “buy licence” tab says that I’m on day 0 out of 14.

Looking forward to try out the actions!

Hi @Old_Cheesus, welcome to the board, and thanks for checking out AFO!

Just to be clear, you’re actually referring to actions (i.e. the building blocks), not pre-made workflows, correct? Please don’t be offended by that question, I’m not trying to be condescending! It’s just that often when I get asked that, people are actually looking for pre-made workflows.

So, if you can’t find any actions: Help, I’ve installed the app but don’t see the actions in Shortcuts

If you’re looking for workflows instead: Help, I’ve installed the app but don’t see any new workflow in Shortcuts

Hope that helps!

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Hi Carlo,

You were right in your suspicion!
I’m sorry for this misunderstanding and wasting your time.
Thank you for the links, I’ve spent some time around the website and trying to google the problem, but somehow didn’t stumble open the links you sent me.

Thanks a lot!

Have a nice day,

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