Actions for Obsidian (IOS) keeps popping up after a shortcut is called?

When I execute a shortcut created in IOS Shortcuts using AfO the action executes correctly - i.e. append text to a daily note.

When the shortcut is executed the AfO app pops back up and becomes the focused screen on my iPhone.

I want it, and expect the app to stay in the background. Why doesnt it stay focused on the Obsidian Note its acted upon?

NB I have a fully paid for version.

Hi Grant, unfortunately that’s to be expected — it’s a direct result of how iOS lets us work with the type of API Obsidian provides.

It’s a common enough question, and I even wrote a FAQ page for it: Why is AfO brought to the foreground when one of its actions is the last block in a workflow? - ActionsDotWork Knowledge Base

Hope this helps!

Thanks so much for the quick response. I understand thanks

Awesome product by the way - looking forward to where you will take it.

I was having that problem also, and it’s good to know that AfO can be hidden at the end of a shortcut. However, the Go to Home Screen action is only available on iOS and does not work on macOS. On the other hand, you can use Hide App Actions for Obsidian, but that only works on macOS. So I created a shortcut that works for both iOS and macOS, using Get the Device Model with If Device Model is Mac conditional actions.