Append after headline with divider

When using the Append note (or daily note) after headline, where that section is followed by a divider (---) before the next heading section, the insert after headline action places the new text after that divider when it should be in the heading section before that divider.

Apparently, the action is treating a divider as part of the heading section, when it should not be (at least when followed by another section heading); I supposed there might be the case where a divider is used within a longer section, but then it should really be broken into smaller sections with the divider between them.

Currently, I can’t use a divider between my note section headings that I want to append using Actions for Obsidian. Otherwise, it doesn’t work properly since the appended text is added after that divider.

TBH, that’s somewhat of an edge case. The “below headline” variants do not make any assumptions about the content of the single sections; they treat each section (below its headline) as they would any other document. I honestly think it should remain that way, not just for consistency but because the actions are designed to be general-use, i.e. as “non-assuming” as possible.

For your use case, I suggest going with separate placeholders inside the separate sections, each in its “correct” place (where ever that is).