Append text on new periodic notes

It looks like I have a bug with the Append text to a periodic note function.

When the periodic note needs to be created. The shortcut create the note but does not append the text.
It’s all working well when the notes is already existing

Is a “if section” necessary ?

Welcome to the forum, @neybaf, and thanks for the bug report! Looks like both append & prepend actions are affected. I’ll jot it down so the bug will be fixed in the next version.

Workaround: Add a “Create Periodic Note” action right before the Append/Prepend call, and set it to leave the note alone should it already exist. This will ensure the note is there when the Append happens.

@neybaf: I’ve just pushed an update to the companion plugin, Actions URI, which fixes the issue. Update it to 1.3.1 from Obsidian’s Community Plugins section, and the appending/prepending will work as expected!