Append to Periodic Note end of section puts text at beginning of section


I’ve configured a shortcut to append text under a specific heading in my Periodic note. Despite selecting the option for placing the text at the “end of the section below the headline,” the text is placed at the beginning of that section. The text is intended to be placed under a level 1 header, and the texts being added start with a level 3 header. My goal is to create a chronological log of these additions, with each new entry appearing under the level 1 header, in sequential order. However, currently, new entries are inserted at the top of the section beneath the level 1 header.

I’m considering a workaround that involves identifying the last level 3 header under the chosen level 1 header and setting it as the point for new text additions. This approach, though, seems like it might be sidestepping the issue rather than resolving it directly, as the “end of section” option does not behave as expected—it functions more like it’s for the “beginning of section.”

I’m seeking advice because this behavior contradicts my selection of the ‘end of section’ setting, and I’m looking for ways to either correct this issue or effectively implement a workaround. Any insights or suggestions on my approach would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forum, @Hi-PolymerEraser! I think I understand what you’re trying to do but I have no easy answer here, I’m afraid.

In order to append at end of a section, the note is split into sections blocks first. Each block starts with a headline, but headline hierarchy plays no role. Basically, a section starts with a headline and ends before the next headline, regardless of its level.

As a workaround, it might be an idea to store the last added headline in a global variable using Actions (no relation), Data Jar, or Toolbox Pro. The next time you call the shortcut, you’d use the stored var as the “Headline” parameter.