Automation Failed

Hi, first of all I want to say that this app is amazing and I’m loving the ability to customize my workflow of adding content to Obsidian more quickly from my phone & iPad!

All manually run Actions for Obsidian shortcuts that I’ve created work perfectly but one issue I’m running into is with a basic Create Daily Note shortcut that I am trying to use with Shortcuts automation (to run automatically every day at 12:05am). Unfortunately, when trying to do this on both my iPhone or iPad I get the following error every day:

The request to open “co.zottman.ActionsForObsidian” failed.

Is anyone able to help with where I’m going wrong at all?


Hi @Ferdav, welcome to the forum! Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate them :smiley:

Unless the the iOS device is unlocked, the automation will fail because due to the Obsidian API + iOS handling that API, neither Actions for Obsidian nor Obsidian can run in the background — and that includes the locked device state. Sorry.

Hi @czottmann - Thanks for the info, that makes total sense, I’ll change my workflow.