Beta 0.9.1 (2024-05-04)

Thanks to all beta testers who let me know about bugs or issues, I got some good feedback, please keep it up!

The update notice should pop up automatically within the next 24h in the main app, alternatively click “Check for Updates …” in the app’s main menu to update the app.


  • It’s now possible to send system-wide keystrokes. For example, if you try to open Spotlight search with ⌘Space but target the frontmost app, and that app also uses that key combination for one of its own features, you might end up triggering that feature instead of Spotlight. So if you want to send a keystroke and let macOS decide on the intended recipient, use the destination “macOS (system-wide)”.
  • Action “Select Menu Item Either/Or” now also offers a “Delay after …” option.

Breaking changes

Breaking changes will likely occur every now and then in-between beta versions, as UI Actions is still under heavy development. I’ll try to keep the interruptions to a minimum, though! That said… :sweat_smile:

  • While implementing support for sending system-wide keystrokes, I had to rejigger a few things regarding how UI Actions handles its interaction targets (i.e., running apps etc.). Unfortunately, this means that all actions had their receiver parameters reset to “frontmost app”.
  • Also reset: the parameters dealing with menu selection options (title, path, segmented path etc.), and error handling (raise error or return nothing).

Sorry about that!

No longer broken / Changed

  • Sending keystrokes to the frontmost app is working again. (Thanks for the report, @leif!)
  • The app icon is a wee bit sharper and more defined.

As always, please let me know if you find issues, run into problems, or have suggestions/ questions/ ideas. Thanks!