Configuration issue making a new daily note

Is there any way that the “Create Daily Note” action can just do the right thing with regard to template files and Templates vs Templater plug-ins? Needing to know the template file name and which plugin uses it winds up hard-coding duplicated state information which is mastered in Obsidian.

Trying to generalize a shortcut for distribution, i see this as a stumbling block. I recognize these are not particularly dynamic data, but experience says this kind of duplication makes the overall workflow more fragile. They’re bound to get out of sync at some point and Obsidian already has all the answers.

I understand you want the Daily Note to be created as specified in Obsidian, correct? If so, just leave the note body empty.

I’m 100% certain that information was (is?) part of the documentation page but it’s quite possible I’ve borked the docs with the most recent update. I’ll check tomorrow.

Ah, yes, RTFM. it is indeed documented and I’m guilty of assumptions that were blatantly wrong. Thank you very much for the prompt reply!

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