Developing the quantitative side of Daily Note

Like many here, I’m using my Daily Note for journaling purposes. Over time, I’ve arrived at an outline (set of questions / journaling prompts) that is simple and meaningful to me. While this is great for the keeping track of the qualitative side of things, I’m missing complementing it with quantitative data.

In the past, I’ve used which does a good job in aggregating information and showing possible correlations. However, over time it lost its appeal for me to a large extend it being separate from Obsidian.

With that in mind, it’s great to see how others have done a lot of great work already in the area of bringing both together and visualising them.

With that, my question is simply: How to best bring my quantitative data into my Daily Note? And wondering if Shortcuts with AfO could help me automate things or provide me with a simple input prompt.

Here the specific use case: I have a shortcut for my end of day journal (maybe in the future with a direct jump to the section) and as I run it following happens:

  • iOS Health data is being pulled into the note (e.g. steps / Kcal)
  • I’m asked a series of questions (screen time in mins / pages read)
  • After answering them, I get to the note and the info is either filled into the YMAL header (with the ‘set note properties’ command) or a section I specify (with the ‘search and replace’)

I wonder if someone here is already doing this and would be kind enough to share their shortcuts or if others are also on the search and we could look together!

On this, @doug78645, I saw here that you create health logs, do you pull the data from the Health app – Would you mind sharing as it could give me a first step to get started?

Thanks, Christian :rocket:

I have done a lot with health automation using Shortcuts with Actions for Obsidian. This is important for my diabetes management.

Several months ago, I created many shortcuts and mentioned a few of them such as my Daily Startup that creates periodic notes and health logs automatically.

That was my daily focus throughout the 15-day LYT Gong after the LYT 11 Workshop in the summer.

I also have created iOS shortcuts that use Actions for Obsidian with Apple Health and other health apps such as SugarMate, Dexcom G7 (CGM), One Drop, and Walkmeter.

Only Sugarmate is available on macOS, so I have to include device tests in my shortcuts to determine whether running on iOS or macOS with corresponding alerts.

I’m currently actively working on this effort again, and plan to publish what I’m doing along with the shortcuts over the next month or so during the LYT 13 Workshop.

I’m also exploring how to integrate actions from related apps such as
Camera, Photos, Calendar, Fantastical, Structured, Reminders, Timery, Clock, OmniFocus, Things, Drafts, Bear, Notes, Day One, DEVONthink, AirMail, Mail, Numbers, Calculator, Weather, Data Jar, Messages, X, Ivory, Facebook, Instagram, and Wordpress.

I really appreciate all that Carlo has done with Actions for Obsidian to be so extremely valuable to integrate Obsidian with other apps across our PKM environment.

Lots of possibilities, but so little time. I will keep you posted on my progress in this forum.