Development Roadmap

We’ve not reached v1.0 yet, so here are a few high-level targets that I want to implement, in no particular order. These ideas are aspirational: While I am pretty certain I’ll be able to make them work, I also know from experience that not everything is actually possible, either due to limitations in Shortcuts-related frameworks or me being a fallible human.

  • :white_check_mark: targeting the “front-most” browser (i.e., the one from the list of supported browsers which is currently at the front)
  • [ ] setting a preferred browser which will be auto-selected
  • [ ] allow customers to disable supported browsers from the selection
  • [ ] add some sort of web page cleaner-upper (like Safari’s Reader view) for better content extraction
  • [ ] look into Arc support
  • [ ] look into Opera support
  • [ ] look into Firefox support
  • [ ] taking screenshot

After release, I’ll probably use this here post to add version milestones so you’ll know what to expect further down the road.

If you have ideas for new features, describe them in a new post or just note them here, and we’ll discuss them! :call_me_hand:t3: