Heads-up: Actions URI 1.5.x + Obsidian API v1.6 will swallow API calls when the requested vault isn't open yet

When AFO needs to open Obsidian and/or a vault, Obsidian 1.6 will likely open that vault but ignore the API call, causing Actions For Obsidian’s action to error out or time out.

Why: AFO expects Obsidian to return a result, and before the change, Obsidian would do so. It would open the vault, initialize everything, route the API call to the Actions URI companion plugin, which would return the result. Now, it just swallows the API call when the vault needs to be opened first, and there’s never a result.

Workaround: As long as you’ve linked both vaults to AFO, you can use a built-in Open URLs action to open vault B, wait a second or two for it to finish initializing, then work with vault B. It’s not pretty, but it works (until, hopefully, Obsidian fixes that issue).

Plans: I noticed other plugins don’t seem to experience this problem, so I’ll look into why that is, hopefully get some ideas, and then implement a fix. Either way, I’m on it.