How do I select an app's status menu?

I’d like to use UI Actions to automate RocketSim, which is a menu bar app (status item). Because RocketSim is never the frontmost app and its status menu doesn’t seem to have a title, I’m not sure how to activate it.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @adam, welcome to the forum, and thanks for giving UI Actions a try!

The short answer is: Right now, you can’t, because UIA doesn’t support it (yet?). I’ll definitely look into working with status menu apps but it’s not the highest priority at the moment.

You might be able to do something with triggering key strokes but this requires sending system-wide keyboard events which is currently in the works, i.e. it’ll be part of 0.9.1, out in the next few days. So, if RocketSim supports setting keyboard shortcuts, UIA should be able to send them.

Hello @czottmann . I was hoping to use UI Actions for this as well, albeit for a different menu bar app, Reflex.

Reflex is a simple app that I use to specify what the keyboard media keys control, Music or System. And I would like to be able to toggle that setting. Alas, Reflex does not have Shortcuts support, nor are there keyboard shortcuts for the menu items.

And that was the use case I installed UIA for. I’ll continue to fool around with it. And hopefully it will climb up the priority list as other list items are addressed.


Hi @MevetS, welcome to the forum, and thanks for describing your use case!

I’ll jot down your +1 for “menu bar app support” :wink:

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