Invoking with siri

I’m trying to simply daily logging by invoking shortcuts with NFC tags and by voice with siri. NFC seems to work as expected, but invoking with siri (I have a shortcut called “daily log”, invoked with “hey siri daily log”) doesn’t complete. it seems the obsidian portion is working, but calling back to AfO switches to AfO and sits at a black screen instead of returning control to the shortcut which eventually times out. the shortcut consists of an append to note between two vibrates, barebones and always seems to fail in the same way. the same “daily log” shortcut works perfectly via NFC or tapping on the shortcut. as far as I can tell from the obsidian side logging, Actions URI is handling things correctly and calling back with the parameters i’d expect. unsure what to try next.

Welcome to the forum, @gbritton!

You’re right, and it’s a bit weird. Invoking a workflow using Siri is done differently from tapping a button or NFC tag, and at the moment the app doesn’t correctly detect it is the last block in a workflow, and just sits there instead of adhering to your “end of workflow” configuration – but that happens only when the workflow was started via Siri. But there shouldn’t be any differences, iOS ought to treat them the same. :man_shrugging:t2:

That said: I’ve put a big fat todo item on my list for v2024.2, and I hope I’ll be able find a workaround.

For the time being, you could add a “Go to Home Screen” action to the end of the shortcut, after the AFO action.