iOS Apple Journaling Prompts

Ok I’m jumping on a bandwagon about 5 minutes after it came out. I promise to be patient. With the new Apple Journaling app, it supports prompting you to journal on certain things - the photo(s) you took, a walk, etc. The cool thing is that is being released as an API. So Actions for Obsidian could call the API, surface the info in shortcuts and then add into our daily note.

Thanks for the request — I’ve yet to look into Journal, so I can’t say much about it. I’ll put looking at it on my todo list.

In the meantime, could you flesh out your idea a little bit more, i.e. how that would work from the POV of the customer? As in, “I took a photo, Journal prompts me to write about it, and then somethingsomething Obsidian somethingsomething”. What would you expect?

Ok, it’s the end of the I’m using my iPhone (and when Apple supports it iPad and Mac). I open my Journaling vault and fire up the new Command: “Find Today’s Journal Prompts”. It offers me a list of things that my phone has noticed are journaling worthy for the day. I select the batch that are interesting to me. They’re inserted in my current note at the location of my cursor.

Thanks, that’s helpful. I need to think about this. :slight_smile:

I do my best thinking with coffee before 5pm. Gin and Tonic after 5pm. Which should I offer to make?

All-in-one, 5pm sharp

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