▶️ Link-sharing using AfO, GoodLinks, and Buffer

Use case

I spend a lot of time reading articles, blogposts, etc at work. Much of what I read I want to share with others. For ideas that are more long-form, I’ve a solid workflow since years back. But I’ve been struggling to find something frictionless enough for simple link-sharing. The problem has been that I’ve a couple of different destinations I want to share to, but often only remember/have the time to share to the most important one (which differs based on what the link is about).


I recently moved my todo-list into Obsidian, and when I found AfO my initial hunch was that I know had what I needed for a more fluid workflow.

The shortcut I’ve created takes an URL as input, and then asks about three additional things:

  1. A short description.
  2. What tags to use (based on all tags I use in GoodLinks).
  3. Where I want to share the link.

Thereafter, the link is saved to GoodLinks before drafts are created in Obsidian (or, if destinations supported in Buffer are selected and the shortcut is run on iOS, pushed directly to my queues for social media).

Very happy with this setup! Thanks for creating AfO @czottmann!

(This is the first Shortcut I’ve built in a long time, and by far the most complex. Happy for any feedback on what could be done better!)

The shortcut