"Link your vault" button not working in 2024.1 (iOS)

I’ve received a few reports from Actions For Obsidian iOS customers that the “Link your vault” button is not working.

I’m currently investigating this, but if you’re experiencing this problem, I’d appreciate a feedback mail via the app!

Update 2024-02-29: Quick update on the broken iOS builds of Actions For Obsidian. First of all, sorry for the mess. The 2024.1.1 update went through TestFlight review, I gave it a try, it looked good, so I released it. But when I installed it from the App Store, it was still broken. So what I thought was the cause wasn’t.

Now 2024.1.2 is on its way to TestFlight! I am cautiously optimistic, because digging deeper into the still broken 2024.1.1 brought new insights.

Fingers crossed.

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Update 2024-03-04: My changes to 2024.1.2 were not enough. :man_facepalming:t2: But what I’ve learned from that version made me get to the root of this. Likely. (Always the optimist, me.)

2024.1.3 is waiting for review, now!

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Update 2024-03-05: Version 2024.1.3 is out, and AFAICT, we’re good again. Please let me know if you still encounter any issues!