Linking to my vault on iPhone


Not sure if I’m missing something but I’ve been using Actions for Obsidian for a while and have several shortcuts working great but then I noticed it needed me to relink my local vault. However, when I click the ‘Select your vault folder…’ button I can’t find the Obisdian folder.

Can someone help please?


Hi David, that is strange! :sweat_smile: The visual walk through on the page with the “Select your vault folder” button didn’t help? If not, a few screenshots might be helpful here.

Hi Carlo! Thanks for the reply - this is what I see in my ‘On My iPhone’ folder - no Obsidian folder!

FYI, I’m using Obsidian sync with my remote vault if that makes any difference.

People on the official forum discovered the same problem (Obsidian folder missing/hidden on iOS - Help - Obsidian Forum) – a reboot did help them! I’d give that a try.

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Oh wow, sorry I should have thought to try that before posting - it worked perfectly, thanks!