Looking for release testers (TestFlight)

People, I’d like to start running small-scale TestFlights before each release, and I’m looking for 10-20 active people who are willing and able to put a new release candidate through its paces before I push it into the App Store — this includes giving feedback and honest opinions, as well as filing bug reports.

For that reason, I’ve set up a new private forum here where only these testers will have access and where everything related to the TF will be bundled.

To recap, the requirements:

  • You’re an existing AfO customer
  • You have an ActionsDotWork Forum account (remember, signing in with your Apple/GitHub/Google account works here!)
  • You’d like to actively participate in the TestFlight

If you’re game, please let me know below by replying! I’ll hook you up with board access and a TF invite.

Sure. I would be happy to test new releases using TestFlight. Thanks.

Thanks, Doug! I’ll add you to both the forum group and the TestFlight crew. More details to follow in a few days, I’m still busy working on the new website and the new app announcement. Packed week :sweat_smile:

Would be happy to support here as well :wink:

Thank you & welcome to the forum, @devdog, I’ve just added you to the forum group. More info to follow early next week!

I’d be eager to test if you’re still looking.

Hi @Benjamin_Sanders, thanks for the offer, I’ll add you to the TF group. :+1:t3: At the moment there’s no active test for AFO, and I’ll likely revamp the whole AFO TestFlight setup soon, but I’ll keep all of you posted.

Revamp: Right now, the TF and the App Store version share the same app/bundle ID, meaning if you have the App Store version on your device and then install the TF version, the latter will then provide all AFO actions — which might break your “live” workflows. So I’m pondering the idea to set up a new “AFO TestFlight” which has a different bundle ID. Then you could run both versions side by side without collisions.

Thanks! Hoping to figure out how to get medium to share with obsidian using this so it can post the title of an article along with the link. Works from safari but medium comes in with just a literal “image” text.

Medium app, or the Medium website?

The Medium App… particularly on iOS

My guess is that it only shares images. Try to share to the Messenger or mail or something to see what comes out. I’m confident it’s not a AFO issue, tho.

Hi, you have to press the “share via” option after pressing the share button in the medium app and then a shortcut like this (sorry for the German screen):

That extracts the title and url, and all the other thing that in the article action.

All the rest can be done in Action for Obsidian :slight_smile:

I copied this little example to my Mac with an english UI, so I can now provide as well an english screen:

At the end this shortcut just shows the title and the URL of the article.

Hope this is easier to understand. At least this works on my iPhone with the newest medium app. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

  • Leif

Appreciate the help. Simultaneity I used some other native shortcut functionality and did this. FYI also, when you open a daily note it appears the “create if it doesn’t exist” switch doesn’t work. I got around it with the check for existing and create if needed functions at the top of this. Feel free to use it share with anyone you want or build into the app!


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Hi @Benjamin_Sanders ,
Here I add “my” suggestion. It works for me, also with the option to create a new daily note if it doesn’t exist. BUT what I forgot last time is that this “Get article from URL” action doesn’t work on MacOS, but works fine on iOS/iPadOS with the Medium app. At least you show a nice workaround that works on MacOS with URLs and it’s content. Thanks for that. @czottmann: The only option that doesn’t work in the “Prepend…” action is “Open or focus note”, not sure why, because I remember it at least working in other actions. But I’m old…
BTW, @Benjamin_Sanders you can format the text in any markdown style, like “name” or add a bullet in front - “name”. Maybe that will look nicer :wink:

Thanks, that’s a bug. Noted!