Looking for release testers (TestFlight)

People, I’d like to start running small-scale TestFlights before each release, and I’m looking for 10-20 active people who are willing and able to put a new release candidate through its paces before I push it into the App Store — this includes giving feedback and honest opinions, as well as filing bug reports.

For that reason, I’ve set up a new private forum here where only these testers will have access and where everything related to the TF will be bundled.

To recap, the requirements:

  • You’re an existing AfO customer
  • You have an ActionsDotWork Forum account (remember, signing in with your Apple/GitHub/Google account works here!)
  • You’d like to actively participate in the TestFlight

If you’re game, please let me know below by replying! I’ll hook you up with board access and a TF invite.

Sure. I would be happy to test new releases using TestFlight. Thanks.

Thanks, Doug! I’ll add you to both the forum group and the TestFlight crew. More details to follow in a few days, I’m still busy working on the new website and the new app announcement. Packed week :sweat_smile:

Would be happy to support here as well :wink:

Thank you & welcome to the forum, @devdog, I’ve just added you to the forum group. More info to follow early next week!