Need help with Fleeting Thought/ Quick Note

Good Evening. I am new here, to this app as well as to shortcuts. Been using Obsidian for about 3 months and have gone down the rabbit hole. Anyway, I have an issue with a shortcut I created, and I think this thread is talking about a subject that may be the fix I need, but I am not sure how to implement it.

Goal: create a shortcut that will create a Fleeting Thought/Quick Note in my obsidian vault using a Quick Add command for the template. Then open the note and have it ready for my input. I have this all working in a rough manner, but not quite there.

Used a Trigger Command action with the command set to be the QuickAdd: Quick Note. This QuickAdd macro creates a new note using my quick note template and it names the note using a Q YYYY-MM-DD-1 naming convention. Then if I create another note using this the same day, it increments the suffix by 1. And I obviously have this set to my vault.

This block left me at a blank screen, so I figured it was in the middle of running and not knowing what to do next.

So, I added a second block to open this newly created note. For the File path, I used Q YYYY-MM-DD in my vault.

This works, but it gives me an error notification at the bottom of my hone screen saying that finding the file failed even though it found it. So, I assume it is finding the closest match base don all the parameters in this shortcut, but not finding and exact match.

I am wondering if you guys might have some suggestions to help me clean this up? It works like I want—just annoyed the message reminding me that something is not quite right. LOL. I appreciate any insight you can offer. Thanks!!

Welcome to the forum, @Kevin_Morris! I’ve moved your question since it was just marginally related to the topic you’ve posted it under, and chances are you’ll get more help by not burying it as an aside to an existing thread. :wink:

This block left me at a blank screen, so I figured it was in the middle of running and not knowing what to do next.
So, I added a second block to open this newly created note. For the File path, I used Q YYYY-MM-DD in my vault.

I assume you’re working on iOS there? The blank screen usually means that something went wrong at some point because Obsidian should return a response to AFO.

Another thing: Is the Q YYYY-MM-DD note in the root folder of your vault? If not, then that might be the problem, because Open Note in Obsidian expects a full note path, including folders, not just a title.

That said, using AFO, you can streamline this quite a bit – I suspect your Quick Add command just opens a new, blank note, right? In this case, why not have Shortcuts ask you for your fleeting thought right away, then create a note with the right name, at the right place, and the right contents:

Hope this helps, but if not, let me know!

Thank you so much for the quick response and help. It is greatly appreciated. I love the idea of getting straight to the point with this. My insufficient knowledge of all this had me starting with training wheels. LOL

RE: Location where I am doing this—Yes, I am in iOS. That makes sense as to why I would get a black screen.

RE: Location of my Quick Notes—These are created in a folder at INBOX/QUICK-NOTES. I had this in the block originally, and it was placing the new quick note in the correct location, so will do the same with the above.

RE: Function of QuickAdd: Quick Note command. Yes, this is just creating a blank quick note using a template and naming it with the naming convention Q YYYY-MM-DD. IT then leaves it open and in focus ready for input.

Going to play around with what you have suggested above a little later today. Thanks again. So glad I found this place.

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Have had some time to play with this now. It is working all but perfectly. Only issue I have is that after it creates the note correctly, it switches to either a black screen again or opens the Actions for Obsidian app.

I tried adding a stop the shortcut action thinking it was still running, but this did not help.

See if this FAQ entry, please: Why is AFO brought to the foreground when one of its actions is the last block in a workflow?

The way you’re describing it makes me think you’re seeing the app’s standard behavior. If so: there’s a setting for that, see FAQ page :wink:

Good Morning. Yeah, I think you’re right. After reading the fine print on that screen, it states to pull down the options for what you want the app to do. Seemed perfect, so I chose to open obsidian, but it didn’t do it. for some reason.

However, after playing around more, I found the Open App [Obsidian] action, and I put that as the final action in my shortcuts and it solved the issue. Think this was doing what the pulldown was intending to do, but not sure if this is the right way or not. Not sure of any small differences between the two ways of doing this, but this way seemed to work. So, I have it working, and now its time to keep playing and see what else we can do. Thanks for the help!

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