Newsletter 2023-05-03

Archived version of Actions for Obsidian: TestFlight, Forum, LYT Conference • Buttondown

Hello, Productivity Friends!

My name is Carlo and I’m the author of the Actions for Obsidian app for macOS & iOS. You’re receiving this email because you signed up for updates about the app on my website some time ago.

Today’s topics:

  • The ongoing public iOS TestFlight
  • Your input needed: Discord, Forum, Reddit?
  • My session at the ongoing Linking Your Thinking Conference 2023


State of the public iOS TestFlight

Looking at the numbers of downloads and sessions I think the public iOS TestFlight is a success… but I’m getting relatively little feedback! Massive thanks for all of you who did report issues and sent in suggestions. You da real MVPs, every single one of you. :wink:

So far, I’ve got some data regarding Siri support being brittle (I’ve yet to address Siri compatibility! Roadmap: likely v1.2), and about the actions sometimes stalling because Obsidian didn’t respond (I’m on it!). The info I’ve got so far also pointed me towards some …unexpected behavior in Obsidian’s API which I am currently looking at. Bug reports I can work with, thanks!

But all in all, considering the supposedly hundreds of people participating in the beta, it’s a bit quiet, and that makes it hard for me to get a feel for the TestFlight. So, if you have 10 seconds, please pick one of the options of the mini-survey: it’s just one question, literally only one single click.

{{ survey.testflightios }}

And if you have something to say, good or bad, please use the Feedback button and let me know. :pray:t3:


Your input needed: Discord, Forum, Reddit?

Since a few of you have asked and I don’t have a good answer yet: I’d like to set up a public place for AfO customers to discuss workflows, get support and help each other out. Assuming you think that’s a good idea, which platform would you prefer? (Another one-click mini survey!)

{{ survey.supportforum }}

Mind you, it won’t replace my official Knowledge Base and support site, it would be in addition to that.


Linking Your Thinking Conference #3, May 1st - May 5th 2023

Great news! I’m one of the speakers at the Linking Your Thinking Conference 2023. Join my session on May 5 at 19:00 CEST (10:00 AM Pacific Time, see timezone converter) where I’ll be giving an introduction to the Apple Shortcuts automation system and how Obsidian can benefit from being a part of it. I’ll answer questions and build two or three workflows live. Register here, it’s free!

Linking Your Thinking Conference 2023: Carlo Zottmann presenting "Obsidian, Meet Apple Shortcuts"

The Linking Your Thinking Conference is hosted by Nick Milo, the founder of Linking Your Thinking. During the conference, you’ll experience a full week of practical examples, walkthroughs, and showcases using linked notes. Learn from prominent voices in the PKM community who use linked notes in clear and practical ways. Connect with a thriving Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) community to share insights, meet new people, and have fun!

See you there! And if you can’t make it there: the session will be available on Youtube later, no worries.


Thanks for reading!

If you have questions or ideas for actions or tutorial videos, please email me or say Hi on Mastodon:

Thanks again for your interest in my work, it means a lot to me :pray:t3:

Talk to you soon,
– Carlo