Not sure what I'm doing wrong in File Path construction

I am trying to create a shortcut that opens a specific project note in my vault and then starts a timer with timery.

The current shortcut has the following lines in it:
Open vault Extended Mind 1.0
Check for existence of note /Shine/1. Front-Burner/Client in vault Extended Mind 1.0
If Check for Note (true)
Open Note (with path above in vault above)
Otherwise (false)
It essentially would do nothing here
End If
Start Client Timer in Timery

The problem is the note never opens. I have read the note on what exactly is a File Path and added the / to the front of my file path and the .md to the end of the file path so I think that’s right.

I’d prefer to do it without the if statement, but I think because of the Check the if is then required but essentially I just want to open the file and start the timer for that client.

Any help on what I’m doing wrong?

I should add, I have a couple of other well functioning shortcuts including one that logs to my currently daily note from anywhere so I know that the Actions URI is installed properly and working (or at least that’s my understanding of how things work).

Hi Kara, first of all, welcome to the forum! :wave:t3:

I think you can reduce your list of used AFO actions down to one:

Basically, just use that action and the Timery one. This will open the vault and open the note, assuming it exists. If it doesn’t exist, it will show a toast in Obsidian c/o Actions URI but it won’t stop your workflow. (Also, you can omit the .md in the path if you like, that’s implied.)

My guess is that there’s a slight discrepancy (maybe a typo) in one of your file paths so either the check is successful but opening the note fails or the check fails and there’s no attempt on opening the note. It’s a bit hard to debug from afar, I’m afraid.

Thanks so much.

First, thank you for helping to simplify the Shortcut. Simpler is always better!

I can get that to work on other file paths - not in this folder structure - so it is definitely something with the File Path name. I’ll keep working on that because ideally I’d like shortcuts for a number of different projects that do exactly the same thing and they all rest in this folder so figure out one and it’s simple to duplicate and repeat.

I was able to create and open the note /Shine/1. Front-Burner/Client, so maybe there’s an extra space or something in the path, either the path of the actual note or the parameter in the action?