Periodic notes support: I need an opinion

I’m currently implementing support for the Periodic Notes plugin. (It’s coming along well.) The idea is to replicate all Daily Notes functionality for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly notes.

I don’t think drowning the customer in 4×11 new actions is a good idea, UI-wise. I’m considering changing the current Daily Note actions so that you can select which type of note the action would work on, and that selection is preset to “daily”. This would a) not break any of your existing workflows, and b) keep the number of separate actions down, but I wonder about discoverability.

So, my idea is to replace this:

… with this:



that seems like a good solution, as long as a user who is unfamiliar with the plugin understands that the other periods in the dropdown are plugin-dependent

Welcome aboard, @jkishner, and thanks for your input! That is very true; I’ll add a sentence about that to each action’s description!

Right now, if you try to use a feature that isn’t enabled in Obsidian, the error message will tell you in plain words. Here’s what’s getting displayed if you try to work with a monthly note when Periodic Notes’ Monthly Notes isn’t enabled (or PN isn’t installed!):

CleanShot 2023-08-16 at 16.30.29@2x

What you present looks very good. Go for it!

That sounds like a good solution. This will be useful. Currently, I am using Create Note to create periodic notes. Of course, I have to duplicate settings available for Periodfic Notes plugin options (using Data Jar variables). It will be easier if you can leverage those plugin options.

Looks good to me too. I’m a total newby on shortcuts in general but that makes sense tome.