Privacy Settings don't work

I built a shortcut to read my todays tasks from things and add it to my daily note. Even when I “allways allow” it to add them (see screenshot), the shortcut allways ask my on every task. This is very anoying.
On iOS it seams to work, but not on my mac (MBP with Sonoma).

Any idea, if there is something I can do?

btw … I also add Dates from the Calendar and the Weather … and these both work fine.

Welcome to the forum, @netfly! Shortcuts’ privacy thing is a bit of a pain because it acts randomly at times. What helped me in the past was allowing Shortcuts to work with “large amounts of data”, in its settings:

But you’re not the only person running into issues there. It’s nothing specific to AFO, unfortunately, i.e. nothing I can fix. Shortcuts in itself is still a construction site in some regards. :expressionless:

I vaguely remember @leif and @Vasanth_Kumar talking about those privacy settings in the past, but I might be mistaken…

I have the same checkboxes selected.
but thanks

Maybe it’s an issue of Things. I ask them too :wink:

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I remember encountering a similar issue that I resolved by resetting the privacy settings several times. However, I’m not certain if that was the actual solution, as I also made other changes at the same time, such as deleting permissions for some apps in the system settings. I didn’t follow a systematic approach to problem-solving. ;-).
@netfly maybe the problem are the URI calls, there seems to be the need to gave them a special authorization see here.

This is pretty weird, but it really worked. I turned the settings multiple times on and off (in things too) and now it works. Thanks

@netfly: You are welcome! In my 40 years of working with computers, I have quickly lost the belief that computers are deterministic. When things don’t work as they should, I turn my computers on and off several times or clear the settings. This usually helps. Unfortunately, this also applies more and more to Apple :wink:

exactly … 12 years ago I switched from Windows to Mac and I was for many years very happy, but unfortunally even macOS is getting worse. A lot of new features but lack of stability. Sadly.
But it’s still much better then windows :wink: