Problems with the tp.cursor() function for Templater

I am trying to do a shortcut, that prompts for a filename and creates a new obsidian file in my inbox, using the Templater plugin.

Everything works great, but the templater plugin doesn’t run the cursor insertion part from the
<% tp.file.cursor(0) %>

I have enabled cursor insertion in the Templater plugin. And it works when I manually invoke the template from within Obsidian.

But when I use the “create note” with templater, it just lets the file.cursor tag be, and the cursor appears at the top of the note.

This is of course a minor annoyance. But have anybody got a good solution for this?


I’ve no idea, I haven’t used that facet of Templater yet myself. Anyone else have an idea?

Also having the same issue @Jens_Hjerrild_Poder were you able to figure this out?

Nope. Just stopped using tp.cursor() because I got so annoyed :smiley: