PSA: Shortcuts getting confused if several actions share the same name

Discovered by MacStories’ Federico Viticci, shared on his Mastodon account, quoted here:

I was wondering why Shortcuts kept silently swapping the action from one app with another action from another app.

Turns out, two actions from two different apps (and different developers) confuse Shortcuts if…they have the same name. :man-facepalming:

I only noticed because I know where to look. I’m amazed that these bugs continue to exist in this app.

Very interesting! I think I may have encountered some weird behavior where I saw a different action that I originally had created for a shortcut, so I just recreated it.

Actually, I just noticed that there are TWO actions with the name “Save File” in my Shortcuts app. One is yours in Actions for Obsidian, but there’s also another one in Documents.

Maybe this is the problem why my Save File does not work, although I thought Documents would be standard.

Perhaps, you just need to change the action name to Save Obsidian File.

BTW, there are many Create Folder actions also (besides yours).