Query Notes by Properties

Hi everyone,

Thank you for this Plugin. It is awesome. :slight_smile:

Right now, i am struggeling with the following.

I want to select Notes from my vault by specific Properties.

For example i defined a Property receiver for notes, which takes external Input from Siri, or Links from Safari etc.

  - list
  - link
  - clipboard

Not all my Files should receive content, because i have ~180 Files in my vault in total, I just want to query for specific files, make a selection of these in my shortcut and write to this file, so i came up with the idea, that properties would do the trick. The “Search Notes”-Action kann easily search for these properties by using [receiver:list] for example. This works very good on mac, but sadly not on ios. Using Omnisearch is not a good replacement, because i get too many hits, even if i configure search mode “exact match”.

So how could i query for these Documents in my Vault most efficently? Is it possible to reenable “Search Notes” on iOS for this specific usecase? Or “Query notes by Properties”? Or is there some way to query for documents i do not know? Maybe Dataview would do the trick, but it feels a little bit overpowered and too complicated, but maybe I am wrong. Thank you for your support! :slight_smile:

Greetz Chris

Welcome to the forum, @Christoph_Landsky!

The problem with the core search is that there is no internal API that us plugin developers could use, we have to rely on scraping the results from the user interface, which is as brittle as it sounds. It works reasonably well on desktop but not on mobile, so I gave up on it.

Omnisearch is powerful but not fine-grained enough to let you query for properties.

Which leaves Dataview, and that’s pretty straightforward. If I understood you right, you want a list of all files whose “receiver” property contains a value “list”, correct? That’d be this here Dataview query:

LIST WITHOUT ID file.path WHERE contains(receiver, "link")

Use it as parameter for the Get Dataview List action, like so:

(See the official docs on LIST WITHOUT ID).

Hope this helps!


Thank you for your support. I am able to move on with this approach :slight_smile: :pray: