Release: Actions URI 1.5.0

Actions URI 1.5.0 was released today.

New stuff

  • New route path: /file for working with files. The Obsidian API doesn’t allow for uploading attachment files, but now you can at least handle them. (#85)
    • /file/list: Returns the paths of all files in the vault.
    • /file/get-active: Return the path of the currently active/ focussed file.
    • /file/open: Opens a file in Obsidian.
    • /file/delete: Deletes a file.
    • /file/trash: Moves a file to the trash.
    • /file/rename: Renames a file.
  • New route: /note/get-active returns the currently active/ focussed note.
  • New route: /note/get-first-named returns the first note found with a given name.
  • New route: /note/touch sets the modification date of a note to the current date and time (side effect: it makes Obsidian reload it in views/ embeddings).


  • Appending below headline: Now inserts before any trailing new lines in a section instead of after them.
  • Changed route: /command/execute no longer requires the x-success and x-error parameters to be present. If they are, they will be used, but they are optional now. (#84)
  • Removed route: /vault/list-folders was marked as deprecated in 0.16, and is now gone for good. Use /folder/list instead.