Release: Logstravaganza 2.0.1

Logstravaganza 2.0.1 was released today.

Adds countermeasures against “max call stack size exceeded” errors caused by several internal Obsidian objects (app, vault, workspace, (abstract) files, folders).

New in 2.0.0

This update brings a full rewrite of the plugin: Not only is it more performant and reliable now, but it comes with support for different output formats. In addition to the tried-and-true Markdown table file, there’s now the option to log to an NDJSON file. See the README for examples on how to work with NDJSON files.

  • Adds support for additional output formats, adds NDJSON format
  • Adds support for setting the output folder for log files
  • Adds toggle to date-stamp output files
  • New settings tab
  • Logs unhandled exceptions in main thread Promises now (not in workers)
  • Changes output base file name