Release: Mononote 1.1.1

Mononote 1.1.1 was released today.

IMPORTANT: For Mononote to work correctly, SettingsEditorAlways focus new tabs MUST BE ENABLED. This is because it hooks into the active-leaf-change event which is not fired for new files when this setting is disabled. Technical limitations, sorry.


  • Tab handling has been entirely reworked to be more robust and reliable.
  • The plugin now respects pane & window boundaries as it should, superfluous tabs will only be closed in the active pane or window.
  • If Mononote encounters a duplicate, it’ll now favor the existing tab, and close the new one. This prevents losing undo history.
  • Adds workaround for files which don’t trigger Obsidian’s file-open event, meaning Mononote will now work with files which aren’t notes, such as PDFs or images. See the README for information on the updated behavior, and what to expect. [#2]
  • Adds support for anchor links: If note A is already open in a tab 1, and you attempt to open note A in a tab 2, but with an anchor link (reference to a headline or block), tab 2 will be closed, while tab 1 will focus the anchor link. [#3]


  • Mononote no longer gets confused when previewing a link while the Hover Edit plugin is active. [#7]
  • If a pinned file is opened again (while active), it will no longer open a duplicate tab. [#1]
  • Mononote will no longer close pinned tabs. Thanks to @d9k for the PR! [#4]