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Back in the bad old days, I used the iCloud sync. I was slow but my vault was on the filesystem. I have a handy shortcut to resize and an image to my vault as a PNG. Now I use the official sync, it runs faster, but no filesystem.

So I reach for actions to Obsidian and can’t see which action to use. I’m not creating a new note. This isn’t a markdown file. I’m open to clever ideas.

First up, welcome to the forum, @Mlevison!

Saving images/files to your vault under iOS is currently a bit more involved, I’m afraid, but it can be done. You’ll need the excellent app Toolbox Pro for it. It implements this concept called “Folder Bookmark” where you’ll permit Toolbox Pro to write files to another app’s storage space on iOS; Toolbox Pro then adds some actions to save files to those bookmarked locations. If you’re willing to try that:

Open Toolbox Pro (you might need the paid version), go to the Settings tab, then “Folder Bookmarks”. Click the “+” and follow the prompts. Find the folder in your vault in iCloud Drive where you want to store the images (i.e. your vault); either use the Vault root path or pick a sub folder. Give it a name, save the Bookmark.

Now you can use that bookmark in the the Shortcuts actions “Save Files To Bookmarked Folders” provided by Toolbox Pro — they accept files, photos, whatever. If you want to reference the saved file in a note, you’ll have to use the file name supplied by the camera or Notes.

That said: Built-in images/files support is on my roadmap, though. I’m currently aiming for v1.5.

Hope this helps, but if you need more details or have questions, I’m here!

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I will wait for your TestFlight in 1.5 or 1.6 the built in solution is good enough for now.

Thanks for the warm welcome.

This is excactly what I am looking for also - will probably also wait for the version with built in image import, and just do these workflows on my mac for now.

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