Set Properties - Value without quotation marks

I want to create a property with geolocation data like so

location: [123.456, -123.456]

but when passing a string value from a dictionary to the Set Propertie action, I always end up with quotation marks like so

location: "[123.456, -123.456]"

Is it somehow possible to achieve the first result?


Hi @mic, welcome to the forum!

Obsidian itself doesn’t support that format for its Properties. I’m afraid your options are either to set the type of location to a list (of strings!), or to accept the single string. Basically, this is what’s possible with Properties:

  - "123.456"
  - "-123.456"
location_2: "[123.456, -123.456]"
location_3: [123.456, -123.456]

If you paste this block into an Obsidian note’s front matter, you’ll see that the File Properties info will mark location_3 with an error.

Actions for Obsidian can only support what’s made available by Obsidian, sorry. :man_shrugging:t2: Hope this helps!

I see, Thanks a lot for the detailed answer.

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