Super-simple way to create a note in the right date-based hierarchical folder

When used together with the Create Note action, the built-in, always-available Shortcuts variable “Current Date” can be used to quickly create a date-based, hierarchical folder structure, like so:

Insert a Create Note action, and use the “Current Date” variable in the File Path. Click the variable to open its configuration, select the custom date format, and ① enter yyyy/MM/dd (just an example, assuming you want to achieve a 2023/07/31 structure). Then, back in the File Path field, enter the actual name of the note.

In the example above, my new note will be created as /2023/07/31/

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Thank you for the fantastic tip! I had created multiple date utility shortcuts to extra and combine various components of the Current Date for date-based folder (yyyy/MM) and also for several daily health logs and journal that are linked with my Daily Note (yyyy-MM-dd) in separate sibling folders from my Daily notes. I can now eliminate running all these extra date shortcuts and just use this direct technique right in the File Name parameter for Note actions.

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