TestFlight 1.0.0 build 2559

Browser Actions is currently in development for macOS 13.3 and later. Join the public TestFlight!

New year, new build! :wink: Not a big one, though.

No longer broken

  • Run Javascript now correctly works with Safari
  • A number of under-the-hood adjustments related to error/exception reporting and compatibility with Xcode 15.

Have a great and hopefully boring 2024,

Hi Carlo,

thanks. My little script that creates a little snippet from the selection in any browser and insert it in a defined obsidian note, works now with all “frontmost browsers”. Will post it as an example soon.

All the best,

a cosmetic bug: In the shortcut app all the actions are now listed under the “Browser Actions Helper” app and not the “Browser Action” anymore. I know about your issues with that, never the less it’s not what I expect ;-).

All the best,

Yes, and I’m not entirely happy about it, either. I had played around with different names, like "Browser Actions " (trailing space) or “Browser Actions (H)” etc. but the former is even more confusing when looking at the Activity Monitor, and the latter … yeah, dunno. I’m open to suggestions! :sweat_smile:

I think this is a minor issue, if it’s an issue at all, but I wanted to mention it. I just checked with the previous version 1.0.0 (2559) on my company laptop, and it’s already “Browser Action Helper”. So it’s really only noticeable with graded eyes when testing at night. :rofl:
Have a nice weekend,