TestFlight Beta (0.1.0 build 2058)

Good morning! New week, new build. :sweat_smile: The headliner feature this time around is “Private Safari windows”.

The last few days I dug deep, and finally found a seemingly reliable ways to

  1. create private Safari windows without resorting to simulating keystrokes
  2. identify (and manipulate) private Safari windows

This might not sound like much but it’s been a ride because Safari offers no scripting access to do either those things. And I’m especially proud of it because it’s something Safari’s even own Shortcuts actions can’t/don’t do!

Technical explainer: All other scripted solutions for opening a private Safari window that I know of do one of two things: They either programmatically send the key combo ⇧⌘N, or they find and click the menu entry “New Private Window”. Both work! But also, both have issues when you’re trying to build a solution that works for a big number of people. For example, I know of people who changed their key combos (so ⇧⌘N might not work anymore), and I know of many many more people who have no menu entry “New Private Window” because they use macOS set to another language. No bueno.

Anyways, the new build now adds full support for working with Safari’s private windows. Let me know what you think, and how it works for you.

Please note: I will be on the road for the rest of the week, so response times will be longer than usual, sorry. Thanks for bearing with me!