TestFlight Beta (0.1.0 build 2173)

Dear testers,

a new build is here, rejoice. It’s a good one, I think. :wink: Let me run you through the additions and changes real quick here:

New “Scroll To Element” action (Web Pages)

Scroll To Element brings a specified element into the view port. Handy!

Updated “Get Browser Windows” action (Browser Windows)

I’ve renamed the “Get List of Browser Windows” action, it’s Get Browser Windows now and much more useful. It gained filtering capabilities, and while the default configuration is the same as before (get list of all windows from browser X), you can now opt to only get the first window, the last window, or a random window from a filtered list. And the list of filters includes private/standard, visibility and title matching.

See Get Browser Windows for a screenshot and the updated parameters.

Updated “Get Browser Tabs” action (Browser Tabs)

I’ve also renamed the “Get List of Browser Tabs” action, it’s Get Browser Tabs now, and it also received filtering capabilities. Its default configuration hasn’t changed either (get list of all tabs from browser X), and here, too, you may opt to only get the first tab, the last tab, or a random tab from a filtered list. And the list of filters includes private/standard, title and URL matching.

See Get Browser Tabs for the goods.

Support for Safari private windows

In the previous build, I’ve added support for recognizing and creating private windows in Safari. It took a while but in my defense, there were a lot of hoops I had to jump through to make this work reliably. :sweat_smile: As I wrote back then (last week):

Technical explainer: All other scripted solutions for opening a private Safari window that I know of do one of two things: They either programmatically send the key combo ⇧⌘N, or they find and click the menu entry “New Private Window”. Both work! But also, both have issues when you’re trying to build a solution that works for a big number of people. For example, I know of people who changed their key combos (so ⇧⌘N might not work anymore), and I know of many many more people who have no menu entry “New Private Window” because they use macOS set to another language. No bueno.

I’ve tightened a few more screws in this build. I’ve yet to run into issues, so please test it thoroughly. :wink:

Support for Safari windows titles

As you may or may not know, many browsers let you name your windows. For example, I have several windows open in Brave right now, one is named “Actions for Obsidian” while another is named “Browser Actions”. It just helps with the organizing, because the window titles are shown in macOS’ Mission Control.

The notable exception here is Safari. It does not let you name windows. I didn’t like that at all, so you can now name Safari windows. Naturally, this’ll only work for windows created by Browser Actions’ Shortcuts actions, i.e. there is still no interface in Safari to set or get a window title.

Added “Is Private?” flag in Browser Tab references

Tabs will now report whether they belong to a private window or not. See What is a browser tab reference? in the Knowledge Base.

That’s it for today! Please give the new build a spin and play around with the new stuff. :pray:t3:

I’d like to start TestFlight Gamma (= public) early next week, so if you could check back before that and let me know what you think, I’d be grateful.

Thanks so much for testing,
– Carlo.