Welcome to the ActionsDotWork forum! 👋🏼

Hi, I’m Carlo. I make apps and Obsidian plugins. Welcome to this forum!

The dust hasn’t settled, and I’m still moving stuff around but I’m almost done. I needed a place for people who use my macOS/iOS apps and Obsidian plugins and whatnot to get support, and help each other out. So I’ve set up this here forum. It’s an experiment, and I have no idea whether it’ll be worth it, so… :sweat_smile:

If you want to discuss my apps and/or plugins or Shortcuts workflows in general, have a look and maybe settle in. You can even use your existing Apple/ GitHub/ Google accounts to sign in, that’s cool.

I want to make this a place for sharing some technical knowledge and ideas, if you’d like to join me in that endeavour: welcome! Let’s be excellent to each other, that’s the #1 house rule.

:vulcan_salute:t3: + :call_me_hand:t3:

PS: Why not Slack or Discord?