Will this help with adding items to the Services menu?

I was hoping to use the translate function available in AppleNotes (without resorting to a plugin since the OS functionality already works well for me) but don’t see it or how to add it in the system settings. Is this something that is added with this, or must it be added to Obsidian code? Thanks!

Welcome to the forum, @realize! Adding Shortcuts workflows to the Services menu is nothing that is special to Actions For Obsidian, or Obsidian – you can make any workflow show up in Services by checking this toggle:

If you do, this’ll add this input parameter configuration to the workflow which lets you specify for which types of input (text, images, URLs, PDFs, etc.) the workflow should be shown in the Services menu:

Does this answer your question?

seems it does! Thank you. Can I assume then it’s just a matter of locating, for instance, the “translate” OS functionality, and it will show up in the Obsidian “services” menu?

Correct, like so: