AFO is opening after creating a new note

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Thank you for AFO.

I have a similar bug like Ios: Dataview Table action hangs after opening Obsidian but Actions URI is installed and enabled (I tried to uninstall / reinstall it).

I created a simple shortcut, to create a new note in a specific folder (see attached screenshot)

When I use the shortcut, I have a prompt to type the file name.
Then, Obsidian open the new note.
Then, AFO opens.

I have to switch to Obsidian to edit my note.


Hi @nicosomb, welcome to the forum! :wave:t3:

If I understand you correctly, then your workflow works as expected, but you’ll end up looking at AFO again? If so, that’s to be expected (unfortunately), but there’s a setting for that! :wink:
Why is AFO brought to the foreground when one of its actions is the last block in a workflow? - ActionsDotWork Knowledge Base

HTH, but if not, let me know!


Here is a screencast of my issue.

I configured AFO to do nothing …. But AFO is displayed after the action

As described in the FAQ page I’ve linked?: There’s a setting for that, and your screencast actually shows it, too – open AFO, go to the Settings tab, and set the “End of workflow” option. Currently, according to the animation, it’s set to “Do nothing”, which is what AFO is doing right now :wink:

@czottmann I changed the setting to “Open Obsidian”, but I’ve got the same behavior … I’m still on AFO after creating the note.

Then that sounds like a bug. I’ll take a look.

Can’t replicate it over here, I’m afraid. :thinking:

Which version of AFO are you using? Does setting another option make a difference? Does the issue persist after quitting Obsidian and Actions For Obsidian from the app switcher?

AFO 2024.1.4

I changed to « open shortcuts ». It worked.
I changed to « open obsidian ». It finally worked.

But it opens obsidian twice …

I have obsidian 1.5.12

Thanks! Glad to see it’s not broken :sweat_smile:

But it opens obsidian twice …

Yes, unfortunately, this is to be expected. As mentioned, the type of Obsidian’s API will make iOS open the app for every API call (bringing it to the front), and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Returning info back to AFO uses the same API, naturally, and iOS/Shortcuts will bring AFO to the front.

So, what you’re seeing here is the following:

  1. AFO pinging the Obsidian API with the request to create the note → Obsidian opens.
  2. Obsidian returning the “all done” info back to AFO → AFO opens.
  3. AFO, after figuring out that the workflow is finished, opens Obsidian again.

I wish there was a way to skip the last two steps but since AFO needs to know whether the note creation was successful or not, Obsidian will need to call it back.

Ok thank you for the explanations.

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