Ios: Dataview Table action hangs after opening Obsidian

Hi folks, trying to run a dataview table query from a shortcut on ios. Running the action opens Actions for Obsidian, which then opens Obsidian, and that’s it. Eventually the shortcut times out.
Any ideas would be much appreciated!

Welcome to the forum, @Samar_Kamat! That sounds like Actions URI (the companion plugin) is unable to call AFO back with a result. Have you fully linked your vault(s) with Actions For Obsidian, i.e. did you go through the onboarding?

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Hi Yes i thought i walked through the onboarding, but I’ll take a second look at the steps! Sorry for the late reply, haven’t had much chance to dig into this the past week :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice! Turns out I had disabled the Actions URI when testing something else, and never re-enabled it.

Re-enabling it allowed everything to work like a charm!

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