Newsletter 2023-07-23

Archived version of Actions for Obsidian: Big Update 1.2 & New Forum • Buttondown

Hello, Productivity Friends!

My name is Carlo and I’m the author of the Actions for Obsidian app for macOS & iOS. You’re receiving this email because you signed up for updates about the ActionsDotWork apps on my website some time ago.


Version 1.2 is out

After several weeks of work, Actions for Obsidian v1.2 has been released, and it is a big one! Here are a few highlights:

  • Searching with Omnisearch
  • “Create” actions now support applying templates when creating notes
  • “Append” & “Prepend” actions can now gracefully create the target note on the fly if it doesn’t already exist
  • “Append” & “Prepend” actions support adding text to section below headlines now
  • I’ve enabled family sharing of your licenses

Please read the full release notes to see the rest of the new features and changes, which include breaking ones on iOS.


If you like Actions for Obsidian, **it would mean the world to me if you could [give it a rating or review in the App Store](**. 🙏🏼


Say Hello To The ActionsDotWork Forum

Okay, so the Knowledge Base is nice and all, and I enjoy talking to you guys on Mastodon, but until now there was no place for the fine people who use my macOS/iOS apps and Obsidian plugins and whatnot to get support, and help each other out. So I’ve set up the ActionsDotWork Forum! :rocket:

If you want to discuss my apps and/or plugins or Shortcuts workflows in general, take a look around and maybe settle in. You can even use your existing Apple/GitHub/Google accounts to sign in, so that’s cool.

I’d like to make this a place to share technical knowledge and ideas, and maybe you’d like to join me in that endeavor: Welcome!


What’s next?

Good question, why not check the Actions for Obsidian Development Roadmap? :wink:

Additionally, my next macOS app is already in the works, with a TestFlight not far off, and I’m pretty giddy about it! It’s not Obsidian-specific, but it’s definitely Obsidian-adjacent, so keep an eye out. I think it’s cool, I think it hasn’t been done before, but most importantly, I think it will be very useful to a lot of people. And yes, it’ll be another Shortcuts thing! Stay tuned, more on that soon™.


“ActionsDot …What?”

About the name: I like “ActionsDotWork” (the “said out loud” version of the domain name) as the umbrella under which I release my software.

When I started working on App #2, I had to make a few decisions:

  • Do I want to set up a separate newsletter? (No, one is enough.)
  • What about another Mastodon account? (No, one is enough.)
  • Should I set up a message board to gather and exchange help and ideas, not only for AfO, but also for the new tool, and all my Obsidian plugins? (Yes, let’s do a forum!)

So that’s how “ActionsDotWork” came to be. It’s also the reason why this newsletter will continue, but not only about Actions for Obsidian, but about all my (upcoming) applications.

I’d love for you to stick around to see where I’m going with this. I think it’ll be worth your time.


Thanks for reading!

If you have questions or ideas for actions or tutorial videos, please email me or say Hi on Mastodon:

Thanks again for your interest in my work, it means a lot to me :pray:t3:

Talk to you soon,
– Carlo