Welcome to TestFlight Beta! (0.1.0 build 1991)

Dear mailing list subscribers / beta testers,

first up: Thanks for volunteering! Thanks to the Alpha Crew :pray:t3:, the app is in good shape — the onboarding works well, and the initial batch of Shortcuts actions is ready to go.

While we’re waiting, let me tell you a little bit about this build and what I’d like you to focus on.

0. General goal of the Beta TestFlight

I want to make sure both the onboarding and the initial set of actions and their underlying concepts make sense before I start the public TestFlight and, later, release the App Store version

1. The Onboarding Process

When you start the app, you’ll see the prominent “Set up Browser Actions” button. Clicking it will open the onboarding wizard, please go through it, otherwise the actions won’t work.

Let me know what you think of the process. Is it clear/ understandable/ concise/ logical? Did you run into any issues, any unexpected errors?

2. The Shortcuts Actions

For the TestFlight, I’ve concentrated on the basics, and worked my way “from the outside in”, i.e. I started with actions for working with browser windows, then browser tabs, then web pages. This is not the final list of actions.

All the actions come with web-accessible documentation: Browser Actions - ActionsDotWork Knowledge Base.

Also, the actions themselves have information about them, just hover over their list entries in the Shortcuts editor and find the little circled “I” icon.

The “Browser Windows” and “Browser Tabs” actions return data representations of windows and tabs, respectively. Both contain a number of properties that you can select when working with the result:

Window objects contain a “Tabs” property which holds a list of the window’s tabs, as you would expect.

Please test the overall concept here: Is it logical/ understandable, or is it too complex? Does the browser selection work? Do the actions work the same in your preferred browsers?

Odds and ends

  • I’ve not implemented support for private Safari windows yet. It’s on my list and will be in one of the upcoming builds.
  • Purchasing as such is in but what you see in the licensing tab is not indicative of the final product. :wink:
  • App Store licenses and TestFlight licenses are separate, and purchases in TF use pretend money, i.e. you will not be charged for anything you “buy” in a TestFlight.

That’s all for now, thanks again for checking out my work, and if you have bug reports. questions, feedback, ideas or complaints — either send me a Feedback mail from within the app (preferred when reporting bugs!) or just post to this here message board!